Galinis motociklo krepšys Oxford T40R


  • Gamintojas: OXFORD
  • Prekės kodas: IN M006-364
  • Prieinamumas:1 - 2 savaitės
  • 149.60€

  • Kaina lojalumo taškais: 150

Galinis motociklo krepšys Oxford T40R

One of the most sophisticated seat bags, the practical Tail Pack Oxford T40R is packed with useful and innovative features. Large enough to carry a full face helmet when expanded, it is equally capable of swallowing up enough gear for a weekend away. You may also appreciate the fact that the bag can also be used as a backpack. 

Technical description:

  • Large seat bag
  • 5 point secure fitting system
  • Can be expanded using zippers
  • Removable waterproof insert
  • Can be used as backpack
  • Key pocket
  • Base can be used separately
  • Elastic net for extra storage
  • Large enough to carry full face helmet
  • Capacity: 40L